Yours Truly
Look! Another post! In the same week! *highfives self*
In my last post (here), I mentioned my feelings about blogging and some fears I have. Along with those thoughts, I told myself if I’m gonna blog, I’m gonna blog. That means frequent posts filled with organic and honest content. I have no desire to fluff up my life and make it seem like I’m living some kind of perfect dream. My dream is to fill this blog with things people can actually take away and equip themselves with. I want to be vulnerable and open. I want to share what is actually going on and how I’m looking to God for help. I’m not interested in writing about how I ate avocado toast this morning and then preceded to have a perfect day. (Although, I love me some avo toast.) I’m passionate for writing about the parts of this human existence where we desperately need the light of God to shine on. Of course, we still need God on the mountain tops of happiness and I will love to write about those times and feelings. But, in world full of highlight reels, I believe it’s time to be raw and honest. God isn’t after perfection. He’s after the broken and the tired. I want to help Him by showing whoever is reading this that I have bad days, weeks, or months and how I reached out to God for help.

This blog post today is more of a declaration over my blog and to it’s readers. You’ll probably find me on here more-times-than-not thumping my bible. But, I’m only a bible thumper because God truly pulled me out of a life full of darkness. (Plenty more to come on my story to salvation.) My one and only desire is to point the way to God and help others find His light.

On a completely sudden random turn of thought, I adopted Agnes over two months ago! She is a miracle dog and honestly one of the biggest blessings I’ve ever received. She turned nine a few days ago and we celebrated with a big-ol’-windows-down car ride only to learn that she despises wind blowing in her face. I later learned, bulldogs can’t breathe when wind is blowing in their face. I’m new to this dog-mom thing, okay. She’s fine.

But, here are some cute pictures of us living the good life together. Nothing but smiles from both of us. Per usual.
I’ve also placed some links below just in case your curious about my outfit. So, feel free to clicky-click on those.
Thanks for reading, y’all and keeping up with my thought train. It can get kinda crazy up here. Xo.