Scars and spines
Stories aren’t always pretty with beautiful hardcover detailing and crisp pages. In fact—I would say they usually never are. I don’t mean a page or a chapter can’t be beautiful, but rather the novel as a whole. I find that the best books are well-loved with coffee stains, notes in the margins, and aged pages with folded corners.
There’s always heartache and sorrow nestled somewhere in-between our stories’ lines or maybe it’s found sprinkled through out. Some pages are filled with guilt and other pages are riddled with ugly shame.
I’m sometimes found torn between sharing my ugly chapters or attempting to hide them for good. But I’m gently reminded that some of those chapters are truly the mere backbone of my small story. Without the pain of my past, my redemption wouldn’t be near as miraculous or sweet.
Your story reveals the glory of God and when He starts a new chapter or even a new book in your saga, He’s asking you to turn the page and walk with Him. Sure—That doesn’t mean your scars will vanish and your painful pages will disappear, but who you are after you turn the page reveals the light of God. Your scars are a testimony to His beautiful healing love and forgiveness.
A scar is a wound that has healed. As you know, scars don’t bleed or hurt because they’re no longer an open cut or source of pain. Why would we be afraid to reveal something that has been healed and restored? When Jesus came back to life—He showed His scars. He showed His pain and the truth of who He is.
Let’s be vulnerable, mailable, and soft humans who show our truths and our scars. Humans who recite our poems soaked with melancholy along with our pages filled with sweet joy. It’s our backbone. These stories build our spines word by word and page by page. Stand tall—stand loved. I’ll roll up my sleeves and show you my healed wounds. I’ll tell you my story—I wouldn’t be the same without it.