Hi. I’m Jak. I’m a writer and artist currently dwelling in good ol’ Nashville, Tennessee. I live happily with my English Bulldog named Agnes. Together, we enjoy late-night snacking and taking Sundays very, very slow.

 I started writing before I could hold a pencil. When I was young—I’d shout to my mother, “Take this down!” And she would furiously scribble my ramblings, poems, and stories into a notebook on my behalf. Growing up—I struggled with severe depression and wore being misunderstood on my sleeve. My adolescence had quite the undertone of loneliness, darkness, and melancholy. But, more so, it was a story of hope and freedom in the making.

Today—I’m madly in love with my Creator. My days are filled with joy and I do my best to seek beauty in all things, in all situations, and in all the eyes I meet. My afternoons are filled with writing, painting, and tea-sipping. I create social media content for humans and brands along with providing creative direction. I have a love for all things creative and making.

I love my days—I love my story and I love my small adventure. Everyday is a true gift wrapped in the prettiest of packages. To do what I love is a dream—To be alive is a wonderful thing. I’m happy I’m here. I’m happy you’re here too.